The Route

The route will be located in the region of Mechelen, Brussels and Leuven.
For navigation, you will receive a .GPX file with the exact route 2 weeks before the event start, since the ride
will probably take up to 6 hours or more, make sure the battery of your GPS device lasts that long or
bring a power-bank/battery charger to charge your GPS during the ride.
There will be 2 feed stations available on the route at approximately 70 and 110 km.
Each feed station will aim to provide: Water- Energy Drink- Snack foods such as bananas, cake, energy bars, etc ...


The feed stations will also allow access to basic tools, lubricants and a limited supply of inner tubes in case you have a mechanical. Please make sure you come prepared and bring some inner tubes and basic tools yourself for possible mechanicals during the ride.

Each rider should aim to carry enough food and spares between the food stops and to complete the event.
Just in case, there will be a shortcut option provided as GPX-track.