What kind of bike do I need to ride Dusty Moon?

Preferably a gravel bike or a mountain bike. Any bike with 33c or larger tires. The course is designed to favour gravel bikes, but any off-road capable bike in good condition can be used. 

Check your brake pads in advance and replace them if necessary!

What type of tires do I need?

Any tire that is 33c or larger will work. 

We recommend tires such as WTB Byway, Specialized Pathfinders, Teravail Washburn or Teravail Rutlands

What gearing do you recommend?

We recommend a 1.0 gear ratio if you don't want to hike a bike.

Is the course technical?

The route is open to all levels of riders. It is a nice mix of fast-rolling gravel, sandy parts and short more technical sections, as well as some tarmac to connect everything. For more technical sections, our motto is always to ride your bike when you can ride your bike and walk your bike when you need to walk your bike. 

Is there a shorter route option for those who don't want to do the full route?

Yes, you have the option of doing the Mini Moon route, which is 100 km or the Full Moon route which is 150 km. 


What should I bring with me?

All riders must carry these items at all times:

  • Spare inner tube(s) and tyre levers
  • Tubeless plugs when riding tubeless
  • Pump
  • Multitool and essential spares for rudimentary repairs
  • Mobile phone (for safety reasons)
  • GPS with the route loaded to your device
  • Powerbank to charge your GPS device if necessary
  • 2 water bottles (at least) to keep you hydrated
  • Enough food to get you to the food station, plus a little extra just in case
  • Helmet (d'uh)

Where is the Dusty Moon Gravel Ride held?

The event starts and ends at Pachanga in Muizen, near Mechelen.

The route is located in the region of Mechelen, Brussels and Leuven.

For navigation purposes, you will receive the .GPX file with the exact route a week before the event. The ride is likely to last up to six hours or more, make sure your GPS battery lasts that long or bring a power bank and charger to charge your GPS during the ride.

What about food?

There will be food stations available on the route. A variety of snacks and drinks will be available at the food stations, as well as basic tools, lubricants, ... Please make sure you come prepared and bring spare inner tubes, tools, and enough food to complete the event.

Your ticket also includes a coffee at the start of the event and a meal and drink after the ride at the finish location.


Is there parking available?

There is plenty parking available at the start location or at the nearby football club.

We will also have bike parking available on site.

Will there be toilets available?

There will be toilets available at the starting point and the food supply stations, but you are on your own for the rest of the route. Please be courteous and always leave no trace when you are out riding.

What time does the event start?

You can arrive anytime between 8 am and 9 am to start. You can register at the start location. You'll need to give us your name in order to receive your wristband, meal and drink tickets. Once you have registered you can start your ride. 

Your confirmation email also counts as your ticket.

IMPORTANT: If you subscribe for multiple riders, please let us know the names of the participants by sending an email to hello@pelotondeparis.cc