The Charity

We are incredibly proud to be partners of the Rwanda Beyond project. Rwanda Beyond aims to give Rwandan riders opportunities to compete by providing equipment, organizing local races and helping them to attend international races. And this year a portion of Dusty Moon ticket sales will be donated to the Rwanda Beyond project.
From the first pedal stroke to the view at the peak, we love cycling and everything about it. Our mission at Peloton de Paris is to share our love of cycling by inspiring people to get out on their bikes. We also know that not everyone has the same access to cycling. A lack of exposure and opportunities, underrepresentation and costly equipment are just a few of the barriers that exist.

Rwanda Beyond is an initiative that aims to make cycling more accessible by opening doors and creating new opportunities for Rwandan cyclists.

Rwanda Beyond is based on three pillars: races in Rwanda, a Rwandan on- and off-road cycling team and a specialized school for cyclists.


Rwanda is an amazing destination for cycling off the beaten path, with seemingly endless trails and roads crisscrossing the country. Rwanda Beyond's three different annual events help to promote Rwanda as a prime destination for cyclists. By attracting international riders to come to Rwanda to take part, the events bring in tourist revenue and help generate exposure and media coverage for the country and its riders. Whether it's bikepacking, mountain biking or gravel grinding, Rwanda Beyond's events offer the best of Rwandan cycling.
These events form the core of their cycling program and help to fund their cycling team and school for cyclists. At all of their events, they offer free entry to a select number of Rwandan and East African riders along with discounted entry rates for locals.

Cycling Team

Beyond Rwanda has assembled a team of cycling talent that features both men and women. The team works with international partners in their training and coaching, with the goal of competing in local and international races throughout Africa and Europe. The profit from the Rwanda Beyond events goes into supporting this talented and dedicated team of riders. Support includes a basic salary, cycling clothing, equipment and gear, and paid entry into local and international events.


School-dropout rates are high among young cyclists, as it can be difficult to balance the need to earn an income and study schedules with training. As a result, cyclists often have to make a choice between cycling or pursuing higher education or getting a job. To address these issues, Rwanda Beyond partners with an agency that offers adapted school schedules, cycling-specific curricula, scholarships for gifted athletes, connections to the job market and training opportunities for adult cyclists.


As a partner of Rwanda Beyond, Peloton de Paris provides PdP gear and apparel to the cycling team. We are thrilled to be a part of this project. 
A portion of the Dusty Moon ticket sales will be donated to Rwanda Beyond, but you can also donate to their crowdfunding programme here.
*Photos by IGIHE. Provided by Rwanda Reyond